Custom scrapers
built in minutes.

Flyscrape is a modern toolkit for building custom scrapers in minutes.
It can render JavaScript, use cookies of your browser and requires no Node.js or Python to run.

Easy-peasy Setup.

Flyscrape is a standalone scraping tool and does not need Node.js or Python. Simply run flyscrape new and you're ready to scrape.

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Browser / JS rendering.

Browser Mode can help you scrape even the most difficult sites. Whether the site heavily relies on JavaScript or has Anti-Bot measures, it's always worth a shot.

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Access your Cookies.

Give Flyscrape access to the cookie store of your personal browser. This makes scraping protected websites, that require an active login session easy as cake.

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Precise Request Control.

Precisely control how fast requests are processed, what links to follow or what sites to avoid. 8 different dials allow you to fine-tune Flyscrape's behaviour for virtually every website.

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Extract exactly what you need.

Flyscrape comes with the full power of JavaScript, allowing you to precisely define what you want to scrape from a website. With its familiar jQuery- or cheerio-like API selecting HTML elements becomes second nature.

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Want to give Flyscrape a try?

Dive into our user-friendly guide and discover how to get started with ease.